Fast Charging for Mercedes Benz B250 Electric

Yes it can be done!!!

People who own first generation MB B250e (Electric Drive) probably miss the only thing in this nice vehicle  - it's ability to do a fast charge. As it came with no DC rapid charging option. Some speculate that by doing this MB tried to make this new EV not very attractive as they still pushing the sales on internal combustion engine powered vehicles. Others tell, it was missing this option because most of technology was adopted from Tesla, and as you probably know Tesla is not willing to share their Supercharge Net with other manufacturers. And because Tesla is not using CCS or ChaDeMo, it left MB B250e without the possibility to do a rapid charging. We will not try to guess what was the real reason. But we have got good news for people who own one or who thinking to get one.
Company called Quick Charge Power just made a plug and play device that allows you to charge at any ChaDeMo charging station at the maximum charging speed of 43kW. It's about 4 times faster than MB can charge on original equipment using 11kW charging point. And the best part is, it can be easily retrofitted by someone with bit of DIY skills.
Please note, we've got nothing to do with this company and we are not gaining anything from them for sharing this. We only shared it because it's quite exciting news. Once imperfect car now can be perfect! So just press the link bellow and check it yourself:

JdeMO for the Mercedes B-Class ED and B250e

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