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Hi. We are Mo and Ruta, a couple sharing our experience while getting into EV world, also documenting our adventures while on the road. Our every adventure is unique. We could only afford to get an old EV with very limited range and loads of issues, because we are always busy with loads of other projects and limited funds.  So every trip we do, brings some new challenges. Actually we enjoy this, at least Mo does :D These experiences takes us out of our comfort zone and slows us down. Makes us appreciate what we got and what we learned in our lives.


Very patient person. Could win a poker game if she would know how to play it. It takes time to get her out of her comfort zone, but once she is out, she is 100% into unknown. Very friendly person, easy to communicate with. Enjoys music, books and good movies. Hates being in a kitchen.


Always seeks new adventures, new skills and experiences. Not many people could keep up with his passions and need for unknown. Very unique view to the existence. Always appreciates what he has got and tries to fix things instead of going for new ones. Very straightforward, speaks what he thinks. Again some people find this hard to cope with. Very helpful person, at least till the point he realizes someone tries to use him.
Hundreds of different hobbies and skills. Fast self learning. Likes doing things in his own way and not by the book. Sometimes this leads to catastrophe...

BMW i8 Photo by Anders Jacobsen on Unsplash

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