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Welcome to our website about EVs and a daily struggles while owning one. Despite some minor troubles we believe this is a future and we are the generation who will witness the rEVolution in a way we commute and internal combustion engine powered vehicles becoming a history. It's also a blog about our journeys and adventures (coming soon). Hope you will find something interesting here.

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Arduino based EVSE/Charging point

There are loads of open source DIY EVSE/Charging point projects on the web. Best known OpenEVSE. So I was thinking for a while to try OpenEVSE project myself. But after studying it a bit, I realized I don't need all the stuff that OpenEVSE project offers. For example in-built GFI protection is not necessary in Germany and UK where I spend most of the time as all permanently installed charging points must be protected with external RCD. Stuck relay detection circuit might affect external RCD, so this function also has no use to me. I only wanted a very simple charging point that is safe enough to usebut not too complicated, to have ability of changing maximum charging current and be able to make it of the bits I already got or can acquire easily ...

Using original Nissan LEAF Climate Control to control aftermarket heater

So, another project just kicked in with Nissan LEAF (2011-2012) climate control. As you know early Nissan LEAF PTC heaters sucks. They fail a lot and there is a good reason for this. You can read about this in my other post. So I been involved in a little project to make a controller for aftermarket heater. The idea was to control aftermarket heater without any additional switches, just by using existing data on the EV CAN...

DIY Arduino based RFID lock for EVSE

So after my friend made a wrong purchase of charging point without properly reading specifications and description, thinking it's got RFID lock only because of printed RFID symbol on front, I decided to help him and make a simple Arduino based RFID lock. And after successful attempt to do so, I decided to share this little project with you...

CANa Display for Nissan LEAF

After owning 2011 made Nissan LEAF for a while I can say most annoying thing is that you can't see how much of actual charge is left in the battery. Original Guessometer is very inaccurate driving on hilly roads. One of the solutions is LeafSpy app, which is brilliant, but I got tired of pulling out my phone every time we go on long journeys. That's why I decided to have a play with Arduino and MCP2515 CAN bus board, and make a simple display...

Nissan LEAF Headlights conversion

It's a common thing to see LEAF headlights upgraded from Halogen to LED ones. Also sometimes people do the opposite thing for couple reasons. First, if vehicle has been involved in an accident and headlights need replacing, sometimes LED ones are hard to source or way to expensive compared to new Halogen. In my case after moving to live in Germany I had to register my RHD vehicle here, so the headlights had to be changed before I could pass the road worthiness test. I was unable to source used LED headlights and new ones were way to overpriced. So I ended up by downgrading them to Halogen. Physically it's a straight forward job to swap different type headlights, but connectors have to be swapped and wiring modified. Easiest way is to pull terminals out of headlight plug and swap the plug itself on new headlight with the old plug ...

Apps and Websites to make your EV life much easier

Here we will share the most used apps and websites by us. After owning EV in Europe for a while we tried all sorts of different websites and apps and gained bit of experience which sources are best in different situations. We will be updating this list as often as we will find something useful and worth a share, so if you find this information useful please come back later for some new updates. So lets have a quick look at our top useful apps and websites list ...

Why early Nissan LEAF PTC heaters fails and is it worth replacing them

Short answer is: It fails because of bad design. Is it worth it to replace with a new one or used? NO.
Long answer is: Nissan LEAF made between 2011-2013 used Eberspächer High-Voltage PTC heater, which is fitted under the 12V battery. As you probably already found out, this is most unreliable heater ever used by Nissan. Some of them failed in first few years of usage, some managed to survive till this day. But don't get excited if yours is still working. It will fail sooner or later. Why? Because of faulty design. First lets have a look why they fail ...

Why Type 2 (Mennekes) extension cable won't work on tethered charging stations

When I first got Leaf and bought a Type 2 to Type 1 extension cable, I have been surprised when nothing happened after connecting it to tethered charging station. Only after a bit of research I figured out why it's not charging and what's the reasons of making different connectors. I though it was only me who didn't know about the differences. But after seeing hundred times of same question asked "why its not charging?" in different places and helping to answer some of them again and again, I decided  to make a post about it and share the link next time same question will be asked ...

Add WiFi control to any EVSE

This is a quick guide how to convert a simple AC charging point in to WiFi enabled one by using Arduino Pro Mini and Sonoff SV Wifi relay. This gives you possibility of activating charging point from anywhere as long as you got access to internet. Also you get standard Sonoff functions like 7 day timer, countdown timer and delayed activation.  This is very easy and quick project. It does not require any altering of high voltage side on your charging point...

Fast Charging for Mercedes Benz B250 Electric

People who own first generation MB B250e (Electric Drive) probably miss the only thing in this nice vehicle  - it's ability to do a fast charge. As it came with no DC rapid charging option. Some speculate that by doing this MB tried to make this new EV not very attractive as they still pushing the sales on internal combustion engine powered vehicles. Others tell, it was missing this option because most of technology was adopted from Tesla, and as you probably know Tesla is not willing to share their Supercharge Net with other manufacturers. And because Tesla is not using CCS or ChaDeMo, it left MB B250e without the possibility to do a rapid charging. We will not try to guess what was the real reason. But we have got good news for people who own one or who thinking to get one.
Company called Quick Charge Power just made ...


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